WalkOn Games


90 min laser tag with 6+ missions


Play with other likeminded people


Open to all members of the public


No need to organise own group - simply join others


Games suitable for kids and adults


Endless ammunition for active gaming - no extra charges

 £20.00 per player

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Saturday 2nd July @ 17:30

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"Awesome day out. Great fun, loads of different games and challenges. Superb for all ages, great equipment and the guys running it are very professional. Highly recommended."


"My son and 3 friends had a brilliant time. The set up is fantastic lots of places to hide. The areas are much larger than it looks like from the road. The team who run the site are really friendly and welcoming. I'd definitely recommend it."


"Fun family day out was had by all. 2 adults and 2 kids. We join in on the weekend walk on which is open to all the public. Lots off healthy competition. Will defo go again."


"Fantastic day out. Multiple activities/missions to play. Great for adults and kids. It's the closest I'm ever going to get to real life COD and I'll definitely be going back."



For kids, teens & adults

It's an active outdoor adventure. Prepare for action, challenges and enjoyable day out! Our games are a great way how to socialize and a surprisingly good exercise. Our laser tag games are similar to paintball but there is no pain, bruises or mess. No need for protective facemasks or overalls. Wear what you like and look your best. We have a large selection of cool laser tag guns to choose from. They are fully wireless and its so easy to play. You'll be a natural after first 5 minutes. We have worked long hours perfecting our laser tag missions and are very pleased with the results.

Outdoor laser tag

Think paintball but with lasers. Our games combines the best elements of paintball and laser quest while keeping games safe and pain free. We have a large selection of high tech laser tag equipment to choose from. Our lightweight taggers are perfect for most players and are very easy to use. Experienced players can also upgrade to heavier more realistic weapons. Players will need to work together as a team to complete various game missions. Our unique game arena and original game missions allow for many different playstyles and strategies. It's up to players to decide how they will approach the game. 


How it works

Arrive 15 minutes before the session start time. Our venue offers free parking for up to 9 cars. We'll kit up players in no time and then jump into a quick health & safety briefing. After that we'll go for a warm up round, followed by various original game missions. Standard laser tag party of 90 minutes will take players through 6 or more game missions. 

We're easy to find

We are located at Blandford Forum. It's a historic market town right in the middle of Dorset and easily accessible from all directions. Venue is situated right next to River Stour and A354 carriage way so it's super easy to get there.


WalkOn Games


  • 90 minute session (incl. H&S briefing)

  • Unlimited ammunition

  • 6 or more exciting missions

  • Safety instructor

  • Daily dose of healthy outdoor exercise

£20 pp


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is laser tag safe?

A. Absolutely. Our laser tag guns use the same infra-red rays as a TV remote. 

Q. Laser tag is for kids, not adults?

A. It used to be, but luckily in recent years this has changed and adult players absolutely love our games.

Q. Are there toilets?

A. Yes, we have simple toilet facilities at our venue.

Q. Is there a car park?

A. We provide free parking for up to 9 vehicles.

Q. Can you play in rain?

A. Yes, as long as it's not too stormy. Take appropriate clothing for the weather.