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90 min laser tag with 6+ missions


Lightweight & fully wireless equipment


20 min use of picnic area afterwards


Exclusive hire and dedicated game marshals


Add adults for the same kids rate


Special game mission for birthday boy or girl

10 - 14 PLAYERS

15 - 19 PLAYERS


£19.00 per player  

£17.00 per player  

£15.00 per player  

Secure your booking with a £50 deposit! Minimum party booking size is 10 players

kids holding laser tag guns


Suitable for children 6+ years old

Great outdoor fun for everyone

It's an outdoor adventure packed with healthy exercise. Prepare for action, various challenges and enjoyable day out. Our children's parties are perfect for birthdays, get togethers or any other celebration really. Our laser tag parties are a big hit with boys, girls and parents alike. Best part about our parties is that games are suitable for people of all abilities. It's very easy to play and you'll be a natural after first 5 minutes. Our parties are fun and safe. There is no pain or mess. 

Outdoor laser tag

Think paintball but with lasers. Our games combines the best elements of paintball while keeping games safe and pain free. We have a large selection of high tech laser tag equipment to choose from. Our lightweight taggers are perfect for younger players and are very easy to use. Players will need to work together as a team to complete various game missions. Our unique game arena and original game missions allow for many different playstyles and strategies. It's up to players to decide how that will approach the game. 

Organising kids parties used to be hard

Our kids lasertag bookings provide exceptional entertainment for memorable parties. It's an active group activity in a safe outdoor environment. Kids love it because it's a fun adventure to enjoy with their friends. Parents like it because it's a healthy activity and they know that children need time to play outdoors. Parents can relax at our sheltered picnic area and watch the games led from the start to finish by our experienced staff. But why stop there? Join in the action as adults can play for the same kids rate! Organising kids birthday party can be tough and our goal is to make this as easy as possible.

group of kids during laser tag games


Free weapons upgrade & special game mission for birthday boy or girl! 

How it works

Arrive 15 minutes before the session start time. Our venue offers free parking for up to 9-10 cars. We'll kit up players in no time and then jump into a quick health & safety briefing. After that we'll go for a warm up round, followed by various original game missions. Standard laser tag party of 90 minutes will take players through 7 or more game missions. After laser tag games you'll have 20 minute use of sheltered picnic area where players can sit down, catch their breath and have a birthday cake. You can take your own food & drink or order from nearby Domino's. 

We're easy to find

We are located at Blandford Forum. It's a historic market town right in the middle of Dorset and easily accessible from all directions. Venue is situated right next to River Stour and A354 carriage way so it's super easy to get there.

private laser tag party with kids


All party bookings include exclusive hire of the venue.  No other groups to spoil your fun!

Each party includes:

  • Exclusive hire of the venue

  • 90 minute laser tag session

  • 20 min use of picnic area afterwards

  • 6 or more laser tag missions

  • Unlimited ammunition

  • Safety instructor
  • Birthday boy or girl can choose one free weapons upgrade 

  • Add adult players at kids' rate

Keep in mind

Minimum booking size is 10 players. Minimum player age is 6 years. At least 5 players need to be under 18 years old for this party option.

Adult supervision is required. Completed parent consent form is needed for underage players. This can be completed in person on the game day or online by using this link (takes 2 minutes).

To download printable party invites click here:

Secure your booking with a £50 deposit now and pay the outstanding balance on the game day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is laser tag safe?

A. Absolutely. Our laser tag guns use the same infra-red rays as a TV remote. 

Q. Are there toilets?

A. Yes, we have simple toilet facilities at our venue.

Q. Is there a car park?

A. We provide free parking for up to 9-10 vehicles.

Q. Can you play in rain?

A. Yes, as long as it's not too stormy. Take appropriate clothing for the weather.

Q. What occasions are kids laser tag parties good for?

A. Any occasion really. Our parties are very popular with birthdays, activity clubs and schools.

Q. Can I book a session with less than 10 players?

A. You can have less than 10 players at the party but minimum spend for 10 players still applies. 

Q. Can players younger than 6 years take part?

A. Please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Looking for adult laser tag? No problemo - learn more here.

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