How it works:


Arrive at our venue and leave your vehicle at the car park. Ideally try to get there 5 minutes before your booked session start time.


Once you're ready, step into the office to sign player consent form. After this we'll issue you with the game kit and explain how to use it. 


When all players have arrived and everyone has their game kit issued, we'll jump into short health & safety briefing. After health & safety briefing we'll start things off with 5 min warm up round. During this time you'll get to practice how to use laser guns and explore the game arena.


After the warm up round we'll start to play game missions. Standard game missions include team deathmatch, capture the flag, laser bomb & many more. One game mission usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the objective. Between missions we'll take small breaks to catch your breath and have a drink.


At the end of your session step into the office again to give back your game kit. You can also relax at our picnic area to regain your strength. Feel free to take your own food, drinks & cake.


Laser guns uses electronics that doesn't harm players


Laser tag games doesn't produce any waste


New generation laser tag equipment


Intense, action packed games and lots of fun!