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Unearth Thrilling Halloween Laser Tag Activities Near Me

Discover the Best Halloween Laser Tag Activities Near Me for All Ages

Looking for the ultimate Halloween experience near you? Our HALLOWEEN Special has you covered with a range of fun daytime and twilight laser tag games that cater to different age groups and families (6+).

Spooky Halloween Candy Hunt: Sweetness with an Adrenaline Rush!

Embark on an epic Spooky Halloween Candy Hunt that promises more than just treats. You'll need to summon your courage and determination in this thrilling laser tag version, turning the victory into an even sweeter triumph.

Scream Survival: Navigate a Haunted Warzone!

For an adrenaline-pumping laser tag challenge, don't miss our Scream Survival Pursuit. Battle your way through a haunted warzone, fighting to survive and live to fight another day.

Dark Special: Twilight Thrills for Adults and Older Children

As darkness descends, a new level of excitement awaits. Our Dark Special features twilight laser tag games tailored for adults, older children, and families alike. This is for the brave ones!

Defend Against the Zombie Invasion: Teamwork is Key!

When night falls, the zombies rise. Band together as a team in this laser tag mission to thwart the zombie invasion, but be cautious not to get infected. It's a heart-pounding laser tag challenge that demands teamwork and strategy.

Experience the ultimate Halloween laser tag adventure near you with our HALLOWEEN Special. Join us for a day filled with unforgettable memories and spooky laser tag thrills!

Tickets are on sale now, get yours here!


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