Laser tag - what you need to know

laser tag

Laser tag is a fun, fast paced game and a team sport. What really sets laser tag apart from similar activities like paintball is safety and ease to play. Laser guns use harmless infra red rays to tag players the same way as a TV remote. Therefore it's an activity that can be enjoyed by all family members starting from the age of seven. No protective gear is required. No bruises, no pain and no problems.

This is a fast growing industry and as a result laser games are getting better and more fun with every improvement in electronics and software. Popular game scenarios are domination, team deathmatch and a newcomer - zombie laser tag. You can learn more by using this link.

Laser Quest vs Tactical Lasertag

laser quest

Most likely when you think laser tag you actually think laser quest. And that's fair as laser quest has been around for ages and for long time was the only thing you could do. Typically laser quest takes place in dark, fog filled arenas and games mostly are made for kids.

We specialise in what is known as laser paintball or tactical lasertag and it is newer, more advanced and more fun sibling to the laser quest. Our tag can be played anywhere, indoors and outdoors, sun shining or rain raining, it is fully wireless and very precise. 

Modern equipment also means that weight is significantly reduced (most taggers we have weights only 1-2 pounds) which helps to reduce fatigue and allows to enjoy games even more. We are located at Blandford Forum and you can find directions here.

Outdoor laser tag

outdoor laser tag

Outdoor laser tag is probably one of the most fun things you can try out this year. Can't really go wrong with plenty of fresh air and enjoyable exercise. Our outdoor venue is set in a beautiful field right next to the River Stour. It's also right next to main road so it's also very easy and convenient to get there.

Our laser game arena is custom built for fast paced, intense and challenging missions. We strongly believe that if you book laser tag session you should spend most of the time battling it out with other players rather than wasting time while trying to find you way out of the woods. 

If the weather is good enough to go outside it's good enough to have a good outdoor laser tag session. Our kit works in any weather and we also have waterproof onsite gazebo for shelter. You can find out more about our laser tag parties here.

Laser combat

Laser combat

These days lasertag is very popular with families and kids but it wasn't always the case. As with most technologies military were one of the first using laser combat for their training simulations and they still do! We are big fans of laser combat as well.

To do a proper laser combat you need the right equipment plus game arena & game missions needs to be realistic. We have the right equipment - our arsenal consists of 10 different taggers, including sniper rifle, shotgun and 14 pound machine gun.

Our game arena is perfect for laser combat as it is designed for it. We have towers, tunnels, places where you can hide and places where you can't hide. As a result game missions are fresh, adventurous and exiting. Regardless if game scenario is domination or planting laser bomb it will fun and something to remember. Check out our adult laser tag here.